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"Jeff Rutstein specializes in helping people with emotional problems get moving. He gets them to focus on their specific muscle group instead of their negative thoughts…he gives them a sense of security."

"When the depressed and distressed come to work out, Rutstein gives them barbells for sympathy and support. His program reduces stress, anxiety, depression and elevates moods. Because Jeff's overcome his own struggles it gives reassurance to others."

"Jeff Rutstein feels the first step for many in achieving physical fitness is a mental leap…His book makes it clear that everyone can attain physical fitness."

"The autobiography/weight-training guide features exercises designed to help those recovering mentally and physically….it could really change people's perceptions of exercise."

"a whole new approach to weightlifting…exhaling tension on each exertion and inhaling strength on each release."
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"While many trainers pay lips service to the notion that exercise should be done to make you feel good rather than to make you look good, Rutstein actually adheres to the concept…"
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"Rutstein realized that what worked for him could also work for others…with his easy manner and soft voice of experience, he's been called a guru…"

"In this type of weight training, you have to feel your body work. Your mind and body start to reconnect and it feels great."

"Throughout their lives, many of [the people Rutstein helps] had deadened their bodies as much as their minds. In tensing and releasing the isolated muscles, they often report that they feel truly alive for the first time…Rutstein takes a meditative approach to what can be a teeth-gnashing, vein-popping activity."

"More and more people are discovering the benefits of exercise; benefits that have more to do with the mind than the body."

"…the fitness industry's best advertisement for the mind/body benefits of regular exercise."

"As medical and fitness experts learn more about the fascinating mind-body link, the answers are coming to light. One key to healthy and pleasurable fitness routines is balancing the body and the mind so both get stress relief…Rutstein has developed a gentle weight-training program that soothes and strengthens both."

"Jeff Rutstein is no doctor, but you'd never know it after talking to those he's helped heal…[Rutstein] helps high-stress individuals gain peace of mind and contour of body through weight training."

"Jeff's approach to exercise is unique, which is probably why it works. He's less focused on weightlifting and more focused on making exercise enjoyable."

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