Regain Serenity Exercise programs abound. You see gyms advertised all the time on television and in your local paper. What's wrong with them? Nothing, if they work for you. If they do, Jeff would encourage you to sign up at the facility of your choice. He certainly would never discourage anyone from doing that if it feels right.

A common problem with many of these gyms is that they emphasize the quick fix, fast weight loss or rock-hard abs. Most completely overlook the psychological benefits of exercise, and that's a shame.

In addition, they tend to give people little or no attention. If they do provide instruction, the trainers often expect too much too fast. They've simply forgotten what it's like to be new to exercise. It takes tremendous sensitivity to help people get started, and most trainers in gyms don't have that touch. Unfortunately, as a result, people sometimes find themselves feeling frustrated and drop out.

The individualized program Jeff developed concentrates on slower, gentler movements that focus on the mind as well as the body. Dr. Alex Vuckovic, M.D., assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and medical director of the Pavilion at McLean Hospital agrees, "Rather than emphasizing the need to get buff, this program begins with getting the mind and body together. In that way, this program is far ahead of the game."

Benefits of his program include:

  • Improves your body image. There is a link between exercise and self-esteem. Being in better physical condition creates a more positive body image. That is, you look in the mirror and you like seeing your body fat decreasing and your physique becoming more tightened and toned. You will also notice an improvement in strength, balance, and flexibility – all of which feels just great.
  • Gives you a sense of control. Exercise really is about acquiring a skill. Learning something different and healthy can give you a sense of mastery, the pride in feeling that you've accomplished something new.
  • Distracts you from problems and negative feelings. Strength training may help you "burn off" and let go of any destructive thoughts that you may be harboring. In addition, just the fact that you are improving your health may improve your mood.

Call or email Jeff to discuss how this program of exercise can improve your emotional and physical well-being.


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