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"Jeff Rutstein speaking out to help other people…thank you so much for your openness."
Robin Meade, Host of  Morning Express, Headline News

"Jeff Rutstein knows a lot about these subjects…very important information."
Gene Lavanchy, Co-Host of  Morning News, Fox 25 Boston

'What a moving and inspiring 30 minutes you gave my listening audience from taking us inside the world of steroids and painkillers to rising like a Phoenix to pull together all your life experiences and skills into a vital service; one different from all others.'
Barbara McCallum, Your Peace of Mind, WHMB-FM

"His candidness, personal experience and sincerity really shows through.  I would highly recommend Jeff to any media outlet looking for a great interview."
Mimi Stoneburner, Body Talk, KTIP-AM

Jeff Rutstein has appeared in over 100 media outlets including:
The New York TimesCNN, Fox NewsThe Washington Post, ABC-TVNBC-TV, and radio broadcasts WCBS (New York) and NPR.

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Expert Spokesperson

Fitness and 'Mindful'ExerciseSince 1990, Jeff Rutstein has trained hundreds of patient referrals from leading physicians and mental health professionals in Boston to overcome stress, depression, and substance abuse through exercise. Jeff has developed a fitness program, “Mindful Movements” that uses light-weight/light-resistance exercises.  His approach helps clients focus on each muscle being worked and creates a mind-muscle link that not only awakens their body but more importantly their mind.  Jeff has chronicled his own rugged journey through substance abuse and recovery, and outlined his revolutionary treatment program in  Rutstein on Fitness: Strengthening the Body to Heal the Mind  to help the millions of people he cannot train personally.

Jeff Rutstein talks about: 

  • Why leading mental health professionals prescribe his program.
  • How taking the work out of workout contributed to his recovery and brought back his own self-esteem.
  • How his kinder, gentler work-out improves mood.
  • 10 tips for getting started; 10 reasons why most people will never set foot in a gym.
  • Common exercise traps and how to avoid them; How to properly set goals and stick to them.

Steroid Abuse: As a former steroid abuser, he tells first-hand about the life of a steroid user, why are steroids so tempting, the unattractive and dangerous side effects, the psychological and physical dependency. and warning signs parents should look for.

Leading Medical experts are available to talk about:

  • Who can benefit from his program and why.
  • The scientific basis for the effects of exercise on mental health.
  • The benefits of exercise for mental fitness.

Clients are available to talk about the benefits and their experiences.