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"This program is a thoughtful and innovative approach to mental and physical wellness. Too many mental health physicians and treatment clinics overlook the importance of exercise (purposeful body movement) in a client's recovery plan. Jeff's emphasis on empowerment, well-being and mindfulness is refreshing. His personal energy and enthusiasm are infectious!"
Diane and Jim Hall
NAMI Family-to-Family Teachers
Cambridge, MA

"Technique is critical to Jeff's program and before long I saw tangible results and was amazed. I have never been in better shape in my life. Our 6am workouts are something I really look forward to, mostly because I trust Jeff's professional knowledge, his genuine concern for my well-being and his constant encouragement to continue my fitness commitment and progress."
Stephen Wagner
Senior Partner, Deloitte
Needham, MA

"I have found my first positive experience with exercise. Jeff has the ability to nurture, encourage and tap into one's psyche, as nobody else."
Rachel Goldberg
Financial Consultant
Newton, MA

 “I have been a grateful recipient of Feel Good Personal Fitness' and Jeff Rutstein's training advice for more than two years. It never occurred to me that one day I would be facing a physical handicap; when it happened, I was so fortunate to be referred to his care by my physician at The Brigham and Women's Hospital. Jeff analyzed my situation and prescribed a routine of easily accomplished exercises for me that I have followed ever since. I credit Jeff 100% for my being, thank goodness, in better physical and mental shape than I ever imagined possible for a man of my age: 80, and counting.”
Henry Bayton
Weston, MA

"Jeff's moving account of his own battles, the emphasis on the mind/body connection, and his caring and compassionate approach to fitness, all combine to make personal fitness program phenomenal. As a mental health care professional, this will help those dealing with mild depression and other more serious psychological ailments immensely. This innovative approach to exercise is conducive to maintaining a lifelong commitment to wellness. Patients will have a new respect for their potential and help them achieve the balance of believing enough in their ability and sense of what is healthy for their body so that will want to exercise consistently."
Liesl Rockart, Ph.D.
Boston, MA

"This has been the only exercise regime that has succeeded for me. Consistent exercise has had positive effects with both my body and my mood. It has improved my self-esteem and depression. The exercises are gentle enough to avoid injury yet vigorous enough to make a profound difference. Other exercise programs have pushed too hard which made me feel like a weak failure. This program makes me feel like a success every day. Thanks Jeff. I feel great!"
Greg Sullivan
Software Engineer
Boston, MA

"I now have a different take on exercise. Historically, my motto has been "no pain, no gain" which got me no place fast. I know now the connection between mind and body is the only way to live in serenity."
Jodi Marcus
Occupational Therapist
Wellesley, MA

"Jeff's program has renewed confidence within me. His inspiring story helped give me hope when I was very low and filled with depression. In time, I began to feel my sad spirits lift. With Jeff's personal training program, I was able to find an outlet for my poor emotional states. My energy picked up, my self-image improved, and my overall quality of life was enhanced. I recommend his this to all my friends. Thank you."
Joshua Aaron
Real Estate Developer
Wellesley, MA

"I was never a fan of exercise. It seemed like a time-consuming chore that only added stress to my life-another commitment I had to deal with. After working with Jeff, I now view exercise as a stress management tool. I can almost hear Jeff telling me to release the tension with every exhale. Now, I make time for exercise every other day and feel like I can handle anything that comes my way."
Pattie Meehan
Mother of Five
Millis, MA

"I have never liked exercise, especially weight training. Jeff has taught me to feel the various muscles that were doing the exercises and I began to enjoy using my body. I could feel my muscles expand and contract, and as a result, my body became a vehicle for pleasure and not just shame."
Jill Kreeger
Marketing Executive
Weston, MA

"We wish we had known about this approach twenty years ago. Now that we exercise, the positive effect on our mood seems so obvious. Thanks for cluing us in, Jeff. We feel great!"
Paul and Sue Sullivan
Kihei, Hawaii

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