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Carlisle-Lexington Area Psychologists are Here to Help!

You haven’t been yourself in a while, feeling Sad, Lethargic, Stressed, Short-tempered and Unable to Enjoy Life. Maybe you are self medicating with drugs or alcohol. Today, you are making what could be the smartest move of your life in seeking out psychologists.

Two Steps to Defeating Depression and Anxiety Quickly:


1. Seek the help of a qualified professional, including psychologists, psychiatrists or therapists

2. Supplement your therapy with a low impact, “sweat-free” exercise regimen

Exercise? YES: Endorphins! Endorphins! Endorphins!

Carlisle-Lexington Psychologists Helped US!
    Feel Better, Today!

Doctors and psychologists world wide all agree that even low impact exercise releases positive endorphins that lead to increased feelings of wellness…which also lead to improved physical health. Here, in the Carlisle-Lexington area, you have access to Feel Good Personal Fitness. Headed by Jeff Rutstein, noted author and fitness authority, Feel Good Personal Fitness will work hand in hand with your doctor to help you get well, FAST!

The one of a kind programs of “mindful movements” created by Jeff have been endorsed by dozens, including Alex Vuckovic, MD., the Medical Director of The Pavilion at McLean Hospital. Alex states: “Jeff”s program is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their emotional well-being.”

About the Feel Good Personal Fitness Training Model:

Jeff is truly a one of a kind trainer. Specializing in helping those suffering from depression, anxiety or substance abuse, he has a unique, compassionate style of guiding his clients through various “mindful movements” and breath control techniques which strengthen mind and body at the patients pace, in their home or office. Featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, The Boston Globe, CNN and FOX News, Jeff will also provide referrals to some of the best Lexington-Carlisle area psychologists and doctors.

About Your Trainer, Jeff Rutstein:Bio_Pic_Web

  • Endorsed by dozens of acclaimed M.D.’s, Ph.D’s and Authors
  • Noted Author: Rutstein on Fitness
  • Best Personal Trainer in Boston, Boston Award Program 2013
  • Best of Boston (Health & Fitness Consultant), US Business Association 2008
  • Best Personal Trainer in Boston, The Boston Tab: 1997
  • Best Samaritan, American Health Magazine: 1994
  • Outstanding Fitness Leader, American Fitness: 1992



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