Questions for Jeff

1.            There are so many books on fitness, what is different about yours?
2.            You have had quite a personal journey. What different events in your life led you to your fitness philosophy?
3.            Can you tell me about any positive results from your negative experience?
4.            Who will benefit from your program; is it for anyone?
5.            The book tells about real life experiences of clients strength training with you, from high-profile lawyers to the other end of the spectrum – people who have really hit rock bottom. How do they say your program has helped them?
6.            Doctors have know about the connection between mood and exercise for sometime, can you tell us about the science behind what is happening physically and mentally when someone weight trains?
7.            So the book contains how-to-instructions as well as the theory?
8.            Can people get as much from a book as a session with you?
9.            How does the exercise program in your book differ from the typical gym experience?
10.            What would someone need to get started on your program?
11.            What lesson would you like others to take away from your experience?
12.            Where can they go for more information?

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