Benefits of Jeff’s Program

Most gyms and ‘personal’ trainers are accustomed to working with athletes and those already in shape. Not individuals who are suffering from stress, depression and other emotional ailments. It takes sensitivity and understanding to work with this population.

Alex Vuckovic, M.D., professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medial School, and medical director of The Pavillion at McLean Hospital, states, “Rather than emphasizing the need to get buff, Jeff trains his clients to get their minds and bodies connected through exercise. In that way, his program is far ahead of the game.”

Jeff’s Mindful Movements approach to fitness helps people get over the barriers they face with exercise. Here is what his program can do for you:

• Improves your body image and self-worth: There is a link between exercise and self-esteem.  You feel better when you see your body becoming more toned and losing body fat.

• Gives you a sense of control: Exercising gives you a sense of accomplishment that you’ve done something healthy and positive for yourself.

• Plain-to-see evidence of progress: Your strength steadily increases as long as you stay at; and your ADL’s (activities of daily living) become easier to accomplish.

• Distracts you from problems and negative feelings: Helps “burn off” stress and negative feelings.

• Physical comfort improves– Aches and fatigue that often accompany anxiety and depression become less and less noticeable.

• Compulsive eating typically drops away with exercise: You will be less likely to eat ‘junk’ food when you are exercise and leading a healthier lifestyle.

• Sleep improves: When you tire yourself out with healthy physical exertion.

You will find many more tips on how to bring exercise into your life by meeting with Jeff and reading Rutstein on Fitness.