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Reduce Depression and Anxiety with Exercise

Depression and anxiety are debilitating conditions for millions of Americans. The good news is that today’s modern therapeutic techniques, medications, and proven exercise techniques can get you on the road to recovery…FAST!

Sun_Man_TextThree Basic Steps to Beating Depression and Anxiety:

1. Seek out a qualified mental health professional and confide in them

2. Take any prescription medications as directed

3. Get some exercise!

Dozens of Boston area professionals agree that a low-impact, mind and body strengthening fitness program can speed recovery from depression and anxiety.

Get a Partner in Wellness: Jeff Rutstein, Owner of Feel Good Personal Fitness

We Beat Depression!

 Conquer Depression!

Endorsed by dozens of professionals, including Alex Vuckovic, MD., the Medical Director of The Pavilion at McLean Hospital, states, “Jeff”s program is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their emotional well-being.” For over 20 years, fitness expert and noted author, Jeff Rutstein has been personally providing customized, low impact training regimens for depression and anxiety sufferers. Jeff’s is a unique specialty. His caring compassionate style is far different from that of most personal trainers, and your rehabilitation will proceed at whatever pace YOU are comfortable with…right in your Dover-Sherborn area home or office. The Feel Good Personal Fitness approach includes techniques in “mindful movements” and breath control that will have you feeling better and more fit, without breaking a sweat. His program has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, The Boston Globe, CNN and FOX News, and Jeff regularly provides referrals to the TOP mental health professionals in greater Boston.

About Your Trainer, Jeff Rutstein:Bio_Pic_Web

  • Endorsed by dozens of acclaimed M.D.’s, Ph.D’s and Authors
  • Noted Author: Rutstein on Fitness
  • Best Personal Trainer in Boston, Boston Award Program 2013
  • Best of Boston (Health & Fitness Consultant), US Business Association 2008
  • Best Personal Trainer in Boston, The Boston Tab: 1997
  • Best Samaritan, American Health Magazine: 1994
  • Outstanding Fitness Leader, American Fitness: 1992