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[dropcap]J[/dropcap]eff Rutstein offers unparalleled personal fitness services for those who value the best. Owner of Custom Personal Fitness, he has created a powerful approach that combines the mind and body and appeals to individuals looking for a personal workout experience.

[spacer height=”-10px”]You can be assured that you will receive the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Private Training Tailored To Your Fitness Level (NO ‘No pain, No gain’)

Rutstein provides in-home and in-office personal training, in the comfort of your own space. You can benefit from Rutstein’s expert guidance as he leads you through your targeted workout routine. His attention to detail and individual focus on each and every movement ensures that you will receive uninterrupted support during the entirety of your one-on-one fitness session.

3333By keeping your personal fitness level and goals in mind, Rutstein will create a workout schedule tailored to your unique needs. Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, or simply improve your overall health, Jeff Rutstein can provide the training you require.

A Mind-Body Approach

One of the many ways in which Rutstein’s services eclipse traditional personal training routines is his feel good approach to exercise, ‘mindful movements’. By addressing the needs of both the mind and the body, Rutstein created a new approach to fitness; one that helps you achieve your fitness goals while improving your emotional well being.


 “Jeff Rutstein may be the fitness industry’s best advertisement for the mind/body benefits of regular exercise.”


♦  “He is going out of his way to help people who are at their wit’s end. There is no one out there like him… His clients say they feel 1,000 percent better, mentally and physically.”
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 “Fitness specialist Jeff Rutstein, trains clients to attain a healthy body and mind…isolating each set of muscles and focusing mentally 100 percent, a kinder gentler workout.”
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 “Rutstein realized that what worked for him could also work for others…with his easy manner and soft voice of experience, he’s been called a guru…”


 “Jeff Rutstein is no doctor, but you’d never know it after talking to those he’s helped heal… [Rutstein] helps high-stress individuals gain peace of mind and contour of body.”


What Clients Are Saying

Jeff Rutstein works with a clientele that values high quality service, privacy, and results. With his mind-body approach and dedication to creating individualized workout plans, he has guided his clients to better health.

♦ “I credit Jeff 100 % for my being in better physical and mental shape than I ever imagined possible for a man of my age: 79, and counting.”
  Bayard Henry, Entrepreneur

 “I have found my time with Jeff to be the best. What I appreciate is that he doesn’t push me past a certain level and is sensitive to limitations I may have.”
  J. Linzee Coolidge, Foundation Manager

♦ “After working with Jeff, I feel better than I have in years and look forward to every session.”
  Clair Beard, MD
  Radiation Oncologist
  Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center

 “I have never been in better shape on my life. I trust Jeff’s knowledge, his genuine concern for my well-being and his constant encouragement.”
  Stephen Wagner
  Senior Partner, Deloitte

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